Holidays and Trekking
in the National Park of Cilento
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Holidays in the Cilento

Trips, holiday homes, stays in the Cilento

Holiday Cilento aims to give the tourist who wishes to visit the National Park of Cilento the opportunity to know these enchanting places and to interact with the friendly inhabitants of this land. Holiday Cilento provides availability of accommodation in houses, flats and holiday farmhouses carefully selected.

Cilento still represents an unpolluted land which fortunately has not been reached by mass tourism. We promote a genuine tourism, made of hospitality, welcome and close contact with wonderful natural beauties. Nature, often inaccessible and wild but marvellous, has kissed these places where Man, joining it, is fascinated by its beauty.

Holiday Cilento’s distinctive feature is to aid and to inform visitors. Visitors are not simple numbers but they are involved in activities such as excursions within the National Park of Cilento in order to discover fantastic places and tasting of numerous typical products which abound in this land. Typical plates of Cilento can be enjoyed in small, not much advertised restaurants where it is possible to breath a familiar atmosphere.

Holiday Cilento began to make tourism in Cilento in 1991, when we opened the first holiday farmhouse in Terradura, a small hinterland village. With the passing of the time, we persuaded the local residents to open up and to offer their facilities and products that we try to advertise, with their help, in other European countries too.

Our programme includes information, services and accommodations according to European standards.

Holiday Cilento
Holiday Cilento
Holiday Cilento
Holiday Cilento
Holiday Cilento


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