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Capizzo e Santuario Rupestre di San Mauro

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Departure 9:00 hrs from Capizzo (625 m)
Sanctuary of San Mauro (1100 m)
Travel time: 3 hours
Difficulty: E + - Hiking +
Length: 3 km
Height difference: 475 m
Surrounded by the lush greenery, clinging to a limestone shoal and elevated to the position of the village that seems to want to protect from above: it is the San Mauro Martire Rock Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located at SE of the summit of Monte Chianello and overlooks Capizzo, a small village of Magliano Vetere. The path leading to the chapel winds along a path through which every year, on the morning of July 11th, the locals with a characteristic procession lead the statue of the saint protector to the sanctuary.
Along the ascent from time to time the lettuce leaves the place both to panoramic views of the upper valley of the river Alento that allows to observe transversely the slopes of the Monte Chianello, perfectly straight and originated in the Ere Glaciali del Quaternario, both seen from below Sanctuary clinging to the same hole. The itinerary can be prolonged with an excursion on the fabulous mountain chains and with a visit to the St Lucia Chapel at Magliano Vetere.

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