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Laurino e la grava di Vesalo

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Departure: Loc. Gorgonero Laurino (450 m)
Arrival: Grava di Vesalo (580 m)
Travel time: 5 hours
Difficulty: EE - For experienced hikers
Length: 6 km
Difference in height: 100 m
Recommended period: January to December
Overtaking a beautiful medieval arch bridge, downstream of Laurino's historic center, you reach the church of Sant'Elena, in Gorgonero, where a spring throws its waters into the Calore river.
And here is the beginning of the rise of the lonely and wild Valle Soprana, among the rocky shores of the Scanno del Tesoro, between old houses and beautiful beech forests. At the culmination of the valley, in a small grassy concoct surrounded by beech trees, opens a deep and spectacular voragine, the Grava di Vesalo, the swallow within which throws the Milenzio stream. It is one of the many karst phenomena produced on limestone rocks and present in the whole area. As an alternative to this route, a road beneath the village of Laurino and dirt road on the last stretch allows you to reach a few meters from the grava.

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